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Until Madden 18 hit the shelf, three months later, Tom Brady was on the cover. (To learn more the Madden NFL 18, please continue to focus us .)


While it is not possible to give you the details of the confirmation, the NFL draft and the free agent provide a strong insight into all 32 professional teams that will queue up during the season. For this reason, I have analyzed every list to bring you the most exciting of the five teams this year. Note that this does not mean the best collective rating of the team; but rather presents a fun hook or a new challenger, such as the relocation of LA Changers.


Jacksonville Jaguar


89 truck, 90 speed, 92 carry, 92 acceleration: on the back of the draft, the new Jags RB Leonard Fournette is already a crazy monster. Next year, in addition to the ultimate team, he will be in Jacksonville (Jacksonville) on the roster to get his title, and Tien Yalton (TJ Yeldon) and Chris Ivory (Chris Ivory) also provides the speed and The change of power. Young middle schools led by sophomore student CB Jalen Ramsey should also offer a lot of options, but you can make a big decision in the franchise mode: make Blake Bortles at QB, or start by draft or free agent? This dilemma is a long-term temptation of Jacksonville.


New England Patriots


Bill Belichick's boys were rated as 87 last year, and Tom Brady was his first Madden before they won the fifth Super Bowl championship. Cap. Brady will naturally be listed as the elite QB, Rob Gronkowski in the game may be the best TE, and Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks and Dion Lewis, etc., are exciting offensive options. Their defensive manuals, with a variety of unique fronts, make them stand out on the other side of the ball. If you want immediate success, there is no timely reconstruction, Patters is your team.


Houston Texans


Because of his crazy speed and big arms, Michael Vick is considered to be the greatest quarterback of Madden, and if anyone in the current rookie compose will follow his digital expertise, it will be New Texans QB Deshaun Watson. His Madden 17 Ultimate Team card has 88 throws and precision, 84 times; all of these numbers will go through a few seasons in the franchise mode. While he made a lot of points, the steel escalation of the defensive wall JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Brian Cushing should stop them. For the first time there is a lot of space for the Vince Lombardie trophy.


Chicago Bears


With Morgan Trubisky's Madden 17 Ultimate Team card, the Bears will eventually be an interesting side for next year's play. The second total player was rated 83, shooting 93, and the speed of 80, making him a double threat of QB. A connection challenge will be chosen by Trubisky thrown next to Cameron Meredith. Victor Cruz? Reuben Randle? A hot prospect or a free agent on the street? While Jordan Howard and Jeremy Lampford should see that you are running back and finding the recipient to supplement Trubisky's skills, it looks like a franchise mode of teaser that takes multiple seasons to solve.


Dallas Cowboy


Taking into account all the most exciting players - BB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel Elliott, WR Dez Bryant, have been among the best in Madden 17, very good upgrade this year, while three outstanding drafts (Taco Charlton, Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis tried to support the slight defense. If you are a long-time WWE fan, the US team will become a team after joining Xavier Woods with strong security. Has nothing to do with the actual wrestler, but it is definitely a fun coincidence.


Madden 18 is out on 25 August, and we'll have much more on it post E3. Focus us to learn the Madden 18 news always. Until then, you can keep Practicing on Madden 17, to keep in shape. Besides, we are also a professional madden coins online store, you can buy Madden coins with extra 5% discount code 'cheapnfl'.



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