News.Freedom Day: What’s Freedom?

April 27 is the annual celebration of the first democratic elections in South Africa in 1994, an important day in the history of South Africa.

Freedom Day is a public holiday in South Africa, and Mandela cast a vote of political freedom in 1994. From that day on, all citizens aged 18 or above in South Africa, regardless of race, have their own right to vote; Prior to this, under the rule of apartheid, South African non-Caucasians had only limited rights to vote in the general election. In order to celebrate the abolition of the apartheid system, people gained their right to freedom,  the freedom day would be celebrate on April 27 each year (please focus us with NFL 18 Coins online ).

But what is the meaning of freedom? Freedom means that no longer live in a long time under the rule of a few white peoples, we have our own political autonomy; that means liberating from poverty, unemployment, racism, gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination; Equality and peace. Are we really free now? But poverty and unemployment remain, and inequality of education often comes around us. True freedom is the day that we liberated from a system that only benefited from it. Of course, the true freedom can not be simply measured by voting (but this is one of them). For each person, the meaning of freedom is different, for a student, freedom may be able to receive equal education; for an player, the equality of opportunity is freedom.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick has since said( a player of NFL).The freedom is ethnic equality for him.Of course,play the Madden NFL is freedom for everyone.

Although in the present Africa, apartheid is still existence, inequality still does not disappear, but we can not deny that today is better than yesterday, and I believe that tomorrow will be better than today, because the future is always better than  the past, whether you believe or do not believe. We should all make efforts to this.

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Happy Freedom Day!

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