News.How To Be a Good Franchise Owner in Madden 18

With Madden 18 being released on August 25, it is time to prepare how to become a good franchise owner. Any franchise goal is obvious - win the Super Bowl.


It is important to note that the upcoming franchise model does not release too much information. So far, we have a lot of information are Madden's new game mode Longshot surrounded, Longshot is their first story mode. While this is exciting, we are still waiting for the news of the franchise model. It is always one of the best game modes, I hope they keep upgrading and make it more enjoyable.


With these, here are some basic tips to keep your mind ready to create a competitor in Madden.


Know what you have

This is vital. In order to be successful in Madden 18, you must know where you are the weak, and my advice is to constantly look at the depth map and roster. Feel where you need to work and then go out and grab the players of these players or free agents. This seems to be a simple step but is often overlooked.


With that in mind, you must also understand your game style. You have to know what you are good at, in order to create a franchise to win the game.


Know your roster, but also understand yourself.


Capital raising is important

Like real life, if you want to make sure you build a dynasty, it's important to choose a pick. So, to be a better player, more Madden coins you need have first at all. At Madden 17, you can do some little scout, which gives you some insight and they will be at the next level. I would definitely have something that is similar or deeper than Madden 18. Be sure to make a tour and learn about the draft course - it will be rewarded.


When trading players, look for options. You may be able to bring a person to someone who has a "superstar" development feature and may be your cornerstone. He will be more than a few years now the elite talent to pay more price.


Early selection will have a great opportunity to become a "superstar" class talent, and real life is similar. But there are hidden stones in the draft. Madden is interested in doing so. Make sure to realize all the numbers they give you.


Understand yourself, understand your roster, and fill in a position by understanding the draft.


Develop talent

Madden allows players to get XP throughout the season by performing well or playing with their specific goals. Once completed, you can upgrade some features, and ultimately, the player should get better. The cheap NFL 18 coins is helpful to you to create your owner line-up. Also, note the player details. Some like Khalil Mack may have such a "superstar" development feature, which means they will get XP faster.


It is important to know who is what it is because it will allow you to focus on your superstar and may trade some picks for your "slow" developers. One of the techniques I usually do is save all my XP to the end of all the season before and then build with more XP, and I can buy more valuable features to make them better. Just what I've been doing. You can do it every week or for the speed your team wants.


Know the hat

Yes, in the free agent pool to see like Eric Berry or Odell Beckham Jr. such big players are always very fascinating. Who do not want those players? But are they really worth it? Keep superstar levels in your roster is important and make sure they get paid and do not leave. This is part of the establishment of the dynasty and succeeds in the franchise model .


If your team has a bright hole and a big upper bound space, go on . Sign the stud as long as we must know your situation, when it may be a good move. Do not throw money at every free agent.


Another thing, looking for value. Try to find a well-developed young man, which will match your team's plans to run. They should be well adapted to make your team better. They will be cheaper than the position of choice. These will be treated as plug guys to fill the list and allow you to spend money elsewhere.


I just want to develop some very basic Madden tips to be better in the franchise mode. The goal of anyone is to create a lasting franchise. We do not want to set ourselves up for a super Bowl win but a lot. If you keep a long-term vision, then these tips should be consistent with it.


But now it's time to be ready to be a major player for the Mendon 18 . Do you want to be a top player of Madden 18 ? Do you want to create your personal line-up. Come to , more cheap NFL coins for you!

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