Madden NFL 18 is out on August 25, the Longshot is the new feature of Madden 18. In the game, Devin Wade is role who are you play, and Scott Porter stars as Devin Wade's best friend Colt Cruise. In Longshot, you play Devin Wade, he fights to realize his dream of life in the NFL.


Whether it is good or bad, Wade's journey is not united. In addition to Wade is Coler Cruz, his childhood friend and infinite source of passion. Between Wade's arm strength and Cruise's natural ability to capture, this is almost unstoppable in high school. A few years from the football stand out, Wade hope to come back. Wade and Cruise into the Indianapolis NFL regional merger road, and in the NFL lineup to get the opportunity.


Scott Porter star as Colt Cruise. Porter has a long video game sound performance on his resume, but many fans will recognize him as Jason Street from Friday night lights.


Potter said: "This is just not seen in the field of sports games." "I mean, we have seen that you can control a career, or control a franchise, but we never see you can control a People 's real life, and played a great role in the journey."



After spending a few years, Wade is trying to return to the grille. Sometimes, although the cruise over-energetic, but it is the stability of Wade.


In Longshot, Wade disappeared for a few years. Came back when his best friend Cruise was there. Potter says Cruise is helping his best friend understand the forefront of everyday life.


Colt Cruise is the unique and exciting experience of Potter. He says his role is usually more dramatic and serious.


"I usually play all the comedian stuff to bounce the guy.When I have the chance to play Colt, I see the other side a little bit. He has a little comic relief. He is the best friend, But maybe he is a bit too selfish and does not know what his best friend needs."


Long-term Madden players and sports fans, Porter enjoy the experience of shooting Longshot and be able to work with athletes like Dan Marino.


"I am smiling every day on my face to work, knowing that I was going to do something like Corte Cruise so crazy that day."


Longshot is a new feature of Madden NFL 18, available on PS4 and Xbox One August 25. Madden NFL 18 coins Reservations are made early on cheapnfl17coins .




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