Madden NFL 18 will be released next month, the Longshot is a new feature of it. And JR Lemon play the role of Devin Wade in the game. Follow the to look out more about it.


When you walk down the tunnel, the knot of the stomach becomes more intense. The only distraction of your nerves is that every step will make a loud voice. You leave the tunnel and go to the football field while scouting and coach. You participate in the NFL regional cooperation at the Lucas Oil Stadium, which is your last chance to live your childhood dream.


This is Longshot.


In Madden 18's new story, you play Devin Wade, a former college quarterback, trying to achieve his dream of playing in the NFL after a short break in football. You can help create a story with events and options, and you can expect a conversation from a studio driven by stories such as BioWare.


As a player, you can control Wade, but this JR Lemon brings the narrative into life. Lemon plays Wade and stars on NBC's night shifts.


"This game is different from the other Madden games of the past because Madden has never had a story mode before," Lemon said. "This is the first year in which you actually track the story and make a decision."


In line with his other works, Lemon has many years of sports to capture works, specifically for Madden. One day, when shooting in Vancouver, Lemon said a team introduced him to Devin Wade's role.


"We took some prototypes, they made it out, and we just came from there, and there was a chance."


The agent is not the only way to make Lemon perfect for Devin Wade. Lemon played football at Stanford University and made a brief career at NFL. Although this may be short, the lemon finds humor in the ghost.


"I was just 17 minutes after Stanford University is the Auckland Raiders free agent, but great, I have a locker for about 10 minutes."


Madden's long-term fans, Lemon will not want to strengthen his character too high. He prefers the challenge, and when asked about Madden's ratings, he quickly lists attributes such as arm strength, speed, agility, and consciousness. But he does not want 99 seconds straight down.


"And," he paused for a moment. "We will walk 80. Not all 99. Must be humble. Humble 99."


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