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Madden 18 is out next month, the time is approaching. But what should we do when we play Madden 18 franchise mode? Now, cheapnfl17coins tell the details we should be notice.


Building a competitive team in a franchise mode can be one of Madden's most valuable parts. It is said that this may be a daunting task, especially if you have an alliance with other users. That's why we've combined some of the best franchise model hints and strategies in Madden 18.


The return may be cruel

If you rely on older players in your ranks, you should immediately try to get some young stars. NFL some of the best players in the old age after retirement 2-3 years become useless.


When you start your franchise, you should try to trade players over the age of 27, so young players or draft picks. Older people may have good results for one or two years, but if you plan to run for more than 2 years at Madden 18 franchise, you must rebuild your team as soon as possible, regardless of how much you will suffer the cost or cap.


Find players who can increase the cost of the property

Rating like speed, power and hit force may increase the number of XP crazy. Everything is equal, you are better than a player with 92 speed and 80 consciousness, 95 speed and 50 people better than a player.


The player from 92 to 95 level of the cost was significantly higher than the players from 50 points to 80 points. Even if the speed is only 3 points difference, the actual cost is much higher than the 30 difference in the cost of consciousness.


Development characteristics important

All players in the Madden NFL 18 are divided into four development categories: slow, normal, fast and superstar. Needless to say, if you can find a superstar player, you should aim at him immediately. Players with superstar development can get faster XP speed, so compared with the normal development of the players, the speed will be increased by 3 times.


Rapid development is also good, they have increased the normal developers twice. In general, the slow development of players from Madden 18. it needs twice the normal development time.


Carefully monitor your salary cap situation

Part of the fun in Madden 18 franchise is to rebuild your team as you like the way. This usually involves trading players and may cut the player to make room for the players you want.


If you do not consider your hat situation, this may cause a big upper limit to fine if you will actually hurt you in the second year, it is not that you should not trade the player as long as you know the cap you will take. For some of the players' huge contracts, it can completely destroy your hat space next year.


Long term contract improves player

You should find and identify the players in the team you wish to keep for a long time and sign a long term contract. Do not waste your time training players who are not 100% sure you will keep it for a long time.


Sign a long term contract. And then improve them.


Build a team to match your style

Many people try to adapt to the team they get in franchise. That's the wrong technique you have to adapt to your team to match your style.


If you are a man who likes to hit the rock, but you have a great quarterback and mediocre running, you should trade a good run, not trying to be a prolific passerby because your team has a Good QB.


Once you play, it just comes down to the game. If you are looking to improve your game in Madden 18 and dominate your opponent, take a look at our Mardan 18 strategic guide. Then you need enough Madden 18 coins .


In Madden 18, what other skills can dominate the franchise mode? Leave your comment to us. You can also focus us cheapnfl17coins always, we will share the Madden 18 news and guides continue.

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