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Every year in August, a new Madden game was released, almost like a clockwork. Madden NFL 18 as a real surprise, this is the first series of sports patterns. We can pass the beginning of the story mode, here is our first impression.

New Direction

EA experienced us at the beginning of the game. The "Longshot" mode is undergoing a full movie experience. In fact, the game a few minutes (or even 10 minutes) almost no you played anything. Developers EA Tiburon spend time setting the stage. You play as Devin Wade, he remembers all the critical moments in his life.

The first interaction of you control is a child who plays a simulated soccer game in the yard. The only game tip involves some quick time events, which allows you to throw a perfect spiral on your friends and use the left lever to control flight. We are told that some of these game mechanisms can only be used once throughout the event.

Next, our mission is through Devin's Memorial High School game, where he is replaced and his team is great. Here he does not want to win, but in order to overcome the surprising odds of doing so, triggering a chain reaction that inevitably leads the Devi into being included in the NFL. This result is not a branch of the story, according to your decision, you may not even cut, but more is a little bit! Since you are a high school graduate, so do not have to call; your coach handles all the decisions.It's all play by you.

High school games are driven by a Devin. If you do not reach the touchdown score for each drive, it will fail. However, the game just lets you get back to the beginning of the current drive and give you another shot if you fail and will not cause you to lose a lot of progress. Longshot mode is accessible and entertaining, rather than presenting a huge challenge - all other hard-to-set Madden models. Chief game designer Josh Looman said the game model is designed to help those who are not familiar with football, the movement of more and more complex game mechanism is slowly introduced.

This is a cool place for high school students. For the high school environment to use a completely different feeling, the commentator is more relaxed, to respond to each game, for those who may not understand more details of the football elements is also helpful. For example, I passed an incomplete pass to double cover, and a commentator scolded me, but if I saw a lot of other team colors near my teammates, I would offer suggestions from other places. It's still a crazy experience, but no NFL miracle - though there are a lot of drama.

At some point in the story, the Devin will give the choice. The reconnaissance report tracks your progress, not only for your football performance, but also for your decision. For example, people who choose to use phone scams may have a negative impact on your scout report, indicating your decision = the production process needs to work, you may have anger problem, and so on. Almost let Longshot choose your own adventure story.

The Madden NFL 18 runs on the Frostbite engine, which is the first series. We were told that we could only be seen on Madden's old Ignite engine. When you think it's easy, the Ignite engine is designed for sporting games, and the Frostbite engine may have started for the first-person shooter, but with the engine expanding the way the story tells the story, the engine is the same.

Frost is a very mature engine, so the texture is crisp, the lighting is very suitable for film storytelling, player animation is solid. Facial expressions look very credible, although with the game more and more realistic, more and more games, and now almost can be expected, the bottom of the effect is still considerable. However, in order to introduce, this is Madden's impressive new direction.

For the first time, it seems that the Madden NFL 18 will be a game that invites non-football fans to sit down and watch the game. For stubborn fans every year to buy games, there are traditional game mode can play. It seems that some things are looking for Madden's new audience, after years of updating, maybe a bit too pedestrians.

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