News.Madden NFL 18 Player Rating Update Winner Weeks 5

Madden 18 released their 5th week turns to update, as usual, professionals have all the latest players ratings news and analysis. This is Madden 18 weeks 5 rating update winner below.


Jabaal Sheard LOLB Indianapolis Colts


Up 3 points from 80 to 83 overall.


Kareem Abdullah Ahmad Badawi signed with Indianapolis in the offseason and included him in the list of players who changed the team's defense, which is why he lists the list. On Wednesday night's soccer match, he won three of his best trips, even for the terrible O line of the Sea Eagle.


In any case, Sheard's AWR rose 5 points, while his PMV and FMV ratings were up 4 points. It is good news for those who like to play with Indianapolis. Now, if they can only get their own O line score rise, the Colts have the chance to become a surprise team in the second half of Madden 18 season.


Jason Peters LT Philadelphia Eagles


Up 4 points from 83 to 87 overall.


Peters' teammate, Cason Jason Kelce, is one of the last few weeks of the Hawks. To be honest, any Philadelphia O-lineman is worthy of our winning list, but this week Jason Peters turned around. Peters' RBK rose a staggering 9 points while his PBK rose 4 points. Nonetheless, it is very necessary for Madden to have the highest left squads in the past few years. The overall rating rose to make Peters back to his launch rating.


Miles Killebrew SS Detroit Lions


Up 5 points from 76 to 81 overall.


The uprising martyr is a natural person of SS. Killebrew's China and AWR both rose six points, while both MCV and ZCV were up four. Sure there are other Lion defender worth getting our 5th week rating to update the winning list, but Killebrew eventually wins. After all, he is a rookie SS, he's seen in the last few weeks of the overall rating steadily, controlling the starting position. Killebrew totaled 81, while his overall score at the launch was 67 points, more than four weeks ago.


Jamize Olawale FB Oakland Raiders


Up 9 points from 71 to 80 overall


Madden School's career must mention Olawale's incredible 9-point leap from 71 to 80. The IBL of adults rose a staggering 14 points while his RBK rose 9 points. This is very surprising, but if you like to play with Auckland, that's the music in your ear. His block rating boost is the most shocking, because unlike Auckland has a great day, Olavia last season in the FB area lead. In any case, Olawale is worth mentioning.


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