News.Madden NFL18: First Story Mode Features College Teams

In a very rare opportunity, Electronic Art finally able to university football teams into the "Madden" privilege.

EA "Madden 18's" story mode of publicity image called Longshot, the main person in charge Devin Wade.


"Madden" is an EA video game line licensed by EA National Football League members to showcase real-life teams and players.


Madden franchises the first story mode to reach "Madden 18", known as Longshot. It will be the protagonist of Devin Wade, a failed college player, is trying to start again and finally succeed again.


Considering what happened to "NCAA Football", this is a special milestone, an EA project that has been eliminated in the past few years.


While EA is making unremitting efforts to follow the "NCAA Football" video game policy, it is still hesitant to get EA to get a real license.


However, with the Longsthot story mode added to Madden 18, it seems that EA is performing the task. With the implementation of the game producer Seann Graddy told Polygon, "the authenticity of the story is very important, so the Texas team in the year actually played a meaningful story.

Graddy also told publishers that if the University of Texas disagreed with the "Madden 18" part of Longshot, they would go to other teams at the University of Texas. This is to show how EA is committed to making a vision for Longshot.

"German high school career is vital to our story, the core of Texas high school football," Graddy added.


In addition to the University of Texas, EA can also get "Yes" from the University of Oregon, incorporating the school's football program into Longster Devin's story.

"We are pleased that we can include two great schools, such as the University of Texas and the University of Oregon," Graddy said.


"Madden 18" will be issued on August 25, Friday. The release time is approaching, have you prepare for Madden 18? Thanks for reading news, focus us, more Madden NFL 18 news will update for you!

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