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2017 is the extraordinary times for NFL , time for our fourth yearly NFL Tortured Fan Base Rankings. These rankings fluctuate considerably more each yr than you could possibly consider: Here's 2014's edition, here is 2015's and here's 2016's. Annually is just yet another bit of background: It'd be tough to argue the Bengals have not added to their misery index during the previous few many years, as well as Broncos have not subtracted from theirs.
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Let us get to it:

32. New England Patriots

Super Bowl appearances: 9
Super Bowl wins: 5
Last championship: 2017

An argument might be manufactured the Patriots couldn't win another game for ten many years and still be No. 32 on this list. This is actually the most beneficial on the titles, isn't it? It's to become, best?

31. Los Angeles Chargers

Super Bowl appearances: 1
Super Bowl wins: 0

To be clear: We're discussing Los Angeles Chargers followers, not the consumers of San Diego, that are definitely pretty miserable (and justifiably pissed) about how this all went down. The Los Angeles Chargers are a varied and, from the purview of those rankings, entirely new organism. That theoretical Los Angeles Chargers fan -- who may well not even exist just nonetheless -- has nothing at all to get upset or tortured about: They just acquired a workforce! San Diego supporters, though: Go ye forth and rage.

thirty. Pittsburgh Steelers

Super Bowl appearances: eight
Super Bowl wins: six
Final championship: 2009

Nicely, they will consistently wonder what might possibly have took place if Le'Veon Bell hadn't gone down on the starting of that game towards the Patriots; you do not get quite a few options like that 1. That stated, the larger fret is not that Great Ben will retire this 12 months -- it can be that this kind of a scenario is coming soon, this offseason or not, after which the Steelers really need to get back down inside the quarterback muck using the rest of us.

29. Denver Broncos

Super Bowl appearances: eight
Super Bowl wins: 3
Last championship: 2016

This year fell apart a little bit bit down the stretch, and boy do they have numerous things to determine at quarterback. It is beginning to seem like the division may perhaps be passing them by, too.

28. Baltimore Ravens

Super Bowl appearances: 2
Super Bowl wins: 2
Final championship: 2013

Joe Flacco is only 32 many years old, but his era as being a seriously thought of top-shelf quarterback has passed, if it ever existed to start with. The AFC North is starting to appear somewhat wobbly moving forward, isn't it?

27. Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl appearances: 5
Super Bowl wins: 4
Last title: 2011

Little worrisome that there is a actual possibility now that Aaron Rodgers ends up just winning one particular Super Bowl, isn't it? That's as a large number of as Favre. He is gotta beat Favre, does not he?

26. New york Giants

Super Bowl appearances: 5
Super Bowl wins: four
Last championship: 2012

The playoffs are already going on so extended that it's nearly been forgotten the Giants were thought to be a sleeper Super Bowl pick after they began. But I dunno. Moving forward, this kind of looks just like the oldest, most possibly creaky staff within the division.

25. Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl appearances: three
Super Bowl wins: 1
Last championship: 2014

Their division is in really somewhat of turmoil at this time: Two teams have fully bottomed out, as well as Cardinals have one particular year left just before they've got to start above once more themselves. Which is possibly the sole issue giving this Seahawks workforce any reputable hope that their window for that elusive second championship hasn't closed.

24. Indianapolis Colts

Super Bowl appearances: four
Super Bowl wins: two
Last championship: 2007

I stated this last yr, nevertheless it bears repeating: This staff went straight from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck, two long term Hall of Famers, and it can be relatively attainable it will get them one (boring) championship in between them. They seem to be more away from a title today than they've got within a long, long time.

23. New Orleans Saints

Super Bowl appearances: 1
Super Bowl wins: 1
Last championship: 2010

The highest workforce for the checklist that has won a championship before decade. Does Drew Brees have two years left, or one particular?

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super Bowl appearances: one
Super Bowl wins: one
Last championship: 2003

Is definitely the Buccaneers-over-Raiders the Super Bowl this century you consider the least, or is it the Ravens-Giants one?

21. Los Angeles Rams

Super Bowl appearances: 3
Super Bowl wins: 1
Last championship: 2000

They've now had a total year in L.A. to kick their fans in the face, so hey, welcome back, Rams. Now you are able to have your individual historical past of pain, independent of what occurred in St. Louis. So yeah, bully for you personally there.

twenty. Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl appearances: eight
Super Bowl wins: five
Last championship: 1996

The playoff game did not go the way in which it was supposed to, but, properly, let us see: The Cowboys got their starting up quarterback, their commencing running back and their beginning OLB to the next 10 many years while in the same draft. The Cowboys are smart yet again and definitely are going to be for a long time. Not even Jerry Jones can stage within this one and mess it up. Suitable?

19. Chicago Bears

Super Bowl appearances: 2
Super Bowl wins: one
Final championship: 1986

Hey, you all acquired rid of Jay Cutler, finally. That's really worth at the very least a couple smiles, is not it? Although I did like when the Chicago Tribune identified as Cutler "a hood ornament for shattered hope." By no means decide to purchase a car that represents shattered hope, men and women!

18. Oakland Raiders

Super Bowl appearances: 5
Super Bowl wins: three
Final championship: 1984

Really a hectic 12 months for your Raiders. They break through and make the playoffs for your 1st time in in excess of a decade. But Derek Carr gets hurt, which makes it pointless. Then they're gonna move to Las Vegas … but now it appears like they may not be. This rating will fluctuate wildly in the subsequent three many years: numerous external factors going on right here.

17. Houston Texans

Super Bowl appearances: 0

As outlined final yr, the Texans certainly are a tiny too younger of a franchise to get a ton of torture … although viewing all of the distinct quarterbacks that have piloted this team in the playoffs during their history is its very own particular, one of a kind variety of torture. Heavens.

16. Tennessee Titans

Super Bowl appearances: 1
Super Bowl wins: 0

All informed, this would happen to be an excellent 12 months for making the playoffs, however the long term truly looks a bit vivid in Nashville at this minute. Is this the 2017 preseason AFC South favorite?

15. Miami Dolphins

Super Bowl appearances: five
Super Bowl wins: 2
Last championship: 1974

A pleasant minor step forward for your Dolphins, and so they seem like they've received the perfect coach. Nevertheless: Not substantially rattling about right here until finally Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are lastly gone.

14. San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl appearances: six
Super Bowl wins: 5
Last championship: 1995

I realize that is a lot large to get a team with 5 championships … but what a pool of bile this franchise is today. Joe Montana and Steve Young should always really feel like folks who existed 250 many years in the past. Like they were real 49ers, within the digging-for-gold sense.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars

Super Bowl appearances: 0

They make a huge leap up this listing, from 22nd, if simply because this was the culmination yr for them … and so they completely fell on their face. You can find loyal Jaguars fans in existence -- very, you'll find -- and this year they permitted themselves hope. That didn't get the job done out very well for them. And it may well all be downhill from right here.

twelve. Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl appearances: 2
Super Bowl wins: 0

That didn't go very well this yr! There is nevertheless a lot of hope right here -- Cam Newton is only 27 many years old, why wouldn't there be? -- however they can not afford any considerably more many years like this 1.

11. Washington Football Group

Super Bowl appearances: 5
Super Bowl titles: 3
Final championship: 1992

Turns out they weren't the Super Bowl contender most people was pretending they had been. Even now, Kirk Cousins seems to be like he's gonna be all correct. However the youthful Cowboys are likely to be an issue for these guys for a loooong time.

ten. Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl appearances: two
Super Bowl wins: one
Final championship: 1970

So, every thing fell just most suitable for your Chiefs this 12 months … and they even now could not beat the Steelers in your own home while in the playoffs. What takes place when every little thing does not fall just correct?

9. Arizona Cardinals

Super Bowl appearances: one
Super Bowl wins: 0

It is a workforce which has a authentic chance to start out shooting up this listing. They went from preseason Super Bowl favored to a lousy workforce that was just about extremely hard to view (outdoors of David Johnson) from the finish on the yr. They're gonna make a single last run with Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald, but when that does not operate out … look out below.

eight. Cincinnati Bengals

Super Bowl appearances: two
Super Bowl wins: 0

Well, a minimum of no one acquired their hearts broken while in the playoffs this 12 months.

seven. Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl appearances: two
Super Bowl wins: 0

They've received a superb, younger quarterback, even when he ran out of gasoline through the finish of your year, and may perhaps just have their heads on straight for that to start with time within a whilst. Which suggests the ache that's inevitably coming will just come to feel worse.

six. Ny Jets

Super Bowl appearances: one
Super Bowl wins: one
Final championship: 1969

Todd Bowles is definitely a intelligent guy, but this job has seemed sort of doomed due to the fact he took it, no?

five. Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl appearances: two
Super Bowl wins: 0

The Falcons go zooming up the record -- they were No. 10 final season -- and all it necessary was the single most brutal reduction in Super Bowl historical past. I certainly not believed any crew could probably crack the vaunted top rated four in these rankings. However the Falcons are perilously shut. Seriously: Hug a Falcons fan right away.

* * *

As with last yr, we quit here to level out that the four most tortured franchises are all so tortured that they are virtually indistinguishable from one another. This is often exactly where the red line is drawn. They could be in any buy from your rest from the way out.

4. Detroit Lions

Super Bowl appearances: 0

Which is worse: Missing the playoffs, or making the playoffs but not showing up in any way?

3. Minnesota Vikings

Super Bowl appearances: four
Super Bowl wins: 0

They're likely to miss that primary round-pick they gave away for Sam Bradford, but they're not a terrible bet to maybe end up the primary team to perform the Super Bowl in their dwelling stadium up coming season. However if that were their fifth Super Bowl loss, that will just be cruel.

2. Cleveland Browns

Super Bowl appearances: 0

They drop out of the top spot for two factors:

They did not actually go winless this 12 months.
They search like maybe they've real intelligent folks in charge and would possibly be building some halfway decent moves for your extended phrase.
Once they go winless following year, those two bullets are going to seem awfully silly. But for now, it keeps them from the top rated spot.

one. Buffalo Bills

Super Bowl appearances: four
Super Bowl wins: 0

We remind, as consistently: The Payments possess the longest playoff drought within the NFL and after misplaced four straight Super Bowls. But now it seems to be like they are fully starting over once again, that has a new coach and (quite possibly) a fresh quarterback. The horizon is far, far away.


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