News.Predicts Super Bowl LI Winner-'Madden NFL 17'

The video game has become implemented to efficiently predict 9-out-of-13 Super Bowls since EA Sports began working with the game to predict the game's end result.

The brand new England Patriots will beat the Atlanta Falcons on this weekend's major game in accordance to Madden NFL 17.

For that matter, Madden NFL 15 predicted the winner of Super Bowl XLIX nearly flawlessly in one of the more uncanny Super Bowl predictions I have ever observed. In that Super Bowl, Madden NFL 15 predicted the ultimate score, the Patriots coming back from a 10-point deficit during the 3rd quarter, and was inside three yards of Julian Edelman's obtaining yardage.

Here is what Madden NFL 17 has to say about Super Bowl LI.

The Patriots will win but it will not be a blow out or even a high-scoring game. The last score will likely be Patriots 27 to Falcons 24. The Patriots solid defense will always keep the Falcons from scoring within the 3rd quarter, but the Patriots will not secure the win until late during the 4th with Julian Edelman scoring the winning touchdown.cheapNFL17coins,Madden NFL 17 News

Tom Brady will probably be MVP for the fourth time, and the first quarterback in history to win 5 Super Bowls.

Here's highlights in the simulation:
Best wishs online at 2017  with Full stock  Cheap Madden NFL 17 Coins I will observe up after the Super Bowl and see just how close Madden NFL 17 came this time all around. It had been downright uncanny how accurate the simulation was in 2015.

I'm hoping the game is incorrect this time around. The Patriots have won enough Super Bowls. I am not a Falcons fan, extremely, but I am rooting for the below canine this 12 months. Or rather, I'm rooting towards the Patriots. Down using the Patriots!

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