The Madden 17 Championship has ended up last weekend, Let's have a look about the finals of Madden 17 Championship.

Three weeks of MADDEN NFL 17 moves eventually on Sunday with four of the best rivals on the earth at a price of $ 100,000. Michael "Skimbo" Skimbo, Raidel "Noble Jokes" Brito, Taylor "Spotmeplzzz" Robertson and Eric "Problem" Wright all into Sunday A little nervous, but hid in three great matches well, Rugby League 17 championship win!


Michael "Skimbo" Skimbo vs. Eric "Problem" Wright

This game is one of the world's greatest rivals in a wild game. Surprisingly, today there is no title for a 2017-year-old Madden championship. In the days of the game, Skimbo mentioned which question was "absolutely can not beat him." "For this particular statement, this question has some challenges that he calls Skimbo in the backcourt after the victory of the funny joke, which must appear on Sunday night.



Skimbo scored the scorescorer and scored a goal at Ricky Williams. The leading position lasted in the first quarter, and the final question was to turn the ball over. Back to Skimbo. Skimbo tries to focus on Randy Moss three times in the red zone, but does not apply to Stephen Gostkowski's average goal, and 10-0 lead. However, before half, the problem took place on a live goal to produce a one-minute video game.



In the third fourth, after a few minutes, Skimbo made 17-13 games. Deion Sanders (Deion Sanders) once again returned to their third round, the day of TD and 20-17 lead. Skimbo then drove off the scene and entered the red area of ??the problem in order to be able to lead. An unfortunate collision involving Randy Moss into one of his teammates, breaking Skimbo's understanding that the ball was late and entered Trouble and his guard Mychal Kendricks waited for the weapon. Ran the ball in order to squeeze out the clock, Skimbo's defense will prove very stingy, forcing a gondola.



Under Skimbo's biggest push of the year, Demaryius Thomas (completely from Skimbo's driver connected to the game after giving up a spacious TD), just hit a touchdown and 24-20 guides, leaving only 51 seconds from the game in. Problem, need to touch the ground to score the victory in the midfield left and right only 20 seconds, hit CJ Procise. This nineteen seconds may be the longest of the year. The problem is Julio Jones (Julio Jones) twice to 21 yards, for 6 seconds. Unfortunately, Skimbo has three players in the throw area and falls on the grass due to passing mistakes. Skimbo finally finished his task. Final score: 24-20.



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