News.Raiders interior the offensive line set for years to come

With the Auckland Raiders guard Gabriel Jackson signed a five-year continuation of the offensive line set within the next few years.


Auckland Raiders Guardian Gabriel Jackson has gone 1365 snapshots that does not allow a sack, which is incredibly impressive. In order to put this number in the context, Jackson and the team in the other three top players averaged about 70 games per game. The simple math lesson tells us that Gabe played 20 consecutive games and did not let Derek Carr end. absurd.

It is more noteworthy that this feat is that, thanks to Kelechi Osemele in the offseason, Jackson turned to the right back, which took over Gabe's role on the left. Ask any coach of the offense line, they will say the same thing - from the other side of the side to the other side is easier said than done. This is not just any player can make a simple Madden '18 plug and play.

After signing the postponement of the contract press conference, Gabriel thanked the transformation:


"To be honest, I am a little nervous and I do not know what will happen."

"Can not beat," Jackson said to himself. "This is the case, so you have to adapt to it. Life is the adjustment."


So the team announced that Jackson had signed a five-year postpone of $ 56 million to know that he deserved every penny. Protect your investment - that is, your franchise quarterback - is the top three priorities of any team that can only find all franchise quarterback and find a pass (or both) to get Other team against quarterback. Everything is second Reggie Mackenzie has completed all three of these questions, especially on the protection of Drake Karl, who has done a brilliant job in building an offensive line, locking Jackson as the latest evidence.


"Before we signed up, I knew that Rodney and Cohen were mainly watching movies." "The guys turned off their ass and played for the players, so I thought I had a shot," Jackson said Monday. Any promise that there is no guarantee, but if I keep doing something right and improve some of the players, I believe I can find a long home here. "


The first year of the championship goal is unknown, but according to his annual salary, he is now the fourth high salary of the NFL. Gabe will move on July 12th 26th, so in his prime time he has already made a fool, and of course he can keep his elite level during his contract.


Jackson said: "I am honored, because all the hard work and lead to all these years, I put the work and sacrifice, and finally here." This is not I can relax, but I do not have to worry about another deal. I'm just worried about playing football and winning the championship. "


So what about Gabriel's big payday? not much.


"Nothing big," Jackson said. "I'm just going to some land in Mississippi and building a house."


Gabe is locked, the best internal offensive line is the next few years. Rodney Hudson is 27 years old and signed in the 2019 season. Kelechi Osemele is just 28 years old and signed in the 2020 season. And Jackson was signed through the season of 2022.

In their career, the best of the three players (if not the best in the case of Osemele) is the best. This is an expensive line, but as Raiders understand, it is worth the investment. Not only to protect Derek Carr, but also to have a vibrant, mainstream game to balance the team's high-power attack.


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