News.Remodeling Madden 18 Game Improvements and New Features

There are a variety of new game features and improvements in Madden 18. For this, the most crazy feature in Madden 18 debut is Target Passing. But there are a lot of other game improvements and features this year's new game, we did not talk too much. So today, we are reshaping Madden 18 game improvements and new features. Follow to cheapnfl17coins, share the details below:

l New Scripts and Combinations

Even if EA has not yet completely revised the script, they made some adjustments to Madden 18. New lineup, such as Gun Wing Flex Offset, can only enhance the gameplay, strategy and overall play. Different scripts usually load many different formats, so adding a new script can perform a more in-depth gaming experience.

l New WR Controls

Traceable after running (RAC) is Madden 18's first game improvement that you will notice bats. Based on feedback from EA's Play event and the annual E3 conference, reliable RAC eliminates those boring situations and directs your WR / RB out of the venue's pass.

If you pass a pass to the "short side" of the field, and it is near the edge, it has always happened. For example, near the edge of the RB Swing pass is almost always take your RB directly out of you you leave you absolutely no chance to cut the sideline.

l Scoring and Measuring Play A Greater Role

Speaking of WR, Madden's one of the game improvements eliminates the boring pass. According to Rex Dickson, Madden's main game developer, some of WR's ratings (such as 90 degrees or higher) will not drop significantly. It does not mean that they just dragged every ball out of their way, regardless of the cover. This simply means that your studs are like Antonio Brown or Antonio Brown because their grip level is higher than the minimum number (90)

In addition, your strength is stronger than the opponent. For other measurements, such as height, speed and acceleration are also true. When you control a player who is stronger or faster than the defender / opponent, you should see a clear distinction.

l Prevent, Defenders Participate in and Resolve Animations

These game areas urgently need to be upgraded. Madden 18 raised the overall look and feel of the battle between O-lineman and D-lineman. O-lineman will now have the ability to cut blocks, chip defense, and perform chase blocks. Will definitely create a more realistic way to block and participate in the war. D line of game improvements, such as achieving the goal and 3 people unlock the animation, making Madden 18 played more realistic in the defense. These are absolutely popular in the Madden community.

l DB / WR Best Matchups, Coaching Adjustment

This is undoubtedly one of the game improvements we all expect from Madden 18. No longer need to guess where the opponent's top WR may be, hope you can have your own digital data to cover the player.

Instead, you can set a best defensive pairing. Hope that Richard Sherman will be able to influence Julio Jones, wherever he ranks? Well, good luck Madden 18 adds this defensive function to improve your gaming experience, and when you face top-level WR and diversified offensive plans, it may improve the level of the game site.

l Visual and Frostbite

The incorporation of the Frostbite game engine makes Madden 18 the best game ever so far. According to Rex Dickson, Madden 18's new game engine gave us "looks more fresh look" and "interactive borders". Both help to enhance the overall appearance of the new game and should provide you with a more realistic NFL football game experience.

Madden 18 will know before, and now we have the rookie player's score with the official trailer. This means that it is time to start refreshing your Madden skills. Buy cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins to prepare your game and live up your Madden skills now. Focus the page of cheapnfl17coins and we will share the news about Madden NFL always!

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