Eli "TrueBoy" Clayton is the spotlight of the 2017 Madden Challenge Competitor.Now let's look at the specific introduction of the "TrueBoy".

Hometown: Woodland Hills, California
Birthdate: 6/19/1996

Upcoming Competition: Madden Challenge
After winning the 2017 Jaguars Club Series, Eli "TrueBoy" Clayton looked to the 2017 Madden Challenge and he looked forward to taking home to the championship.

But can this young man break in the Madden Challenge in 2017?As part of a group of young players, Eli Clayton is a member of the Madden youth movement in a highly competitive community.

Eli Clayton has been one of the most impressive competitors in the field throughout the Madden NFL 17 championship series. He is one of the top four players of the top three champions, he has been out of the online group stage so far. He is the only one to win the Madden NFL club series of seeds (Madden NFL Coins from site )and he will be in the April 15 in the LAL's NFL club series on behalf of the Jaguars.

Off the field, 20-year-old man from the California Woodland Hills, very suitable for a player of the age. The last failure of the Madonna Bowl's Zach "Serious Moe" lane in 2017 made him no belt or went to Houston. However, TrueBoy left a focus on the Jaguar event, leaving a deep impression on the community. Now that he returns to Los Angeles, the Californians seem to be our youngest Madden NFL championship this season. If you like to watch rogue sports and unique defensive style, TrueBoy is an incredible prospect.

From March 31 - April 2 to watch the Madden Challenge live Finals on in Los Angeles, equipped with Xbox. Where to buy Madden NFL 17 coins with a cheap price and a safe way, is the best choice. Besides, you can read more Madden 17 news on our news pages.

Raising the belt for self-propaganda youth movement will be decided by his draft, stick skills and fortification. He may be mature beyond his years, but can TrueBoy prove the victory under pressure? Let's look forward to this challenge, don't miss it!

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