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Now, we will tell you what new features about this updated .

This is the second update in 2017. The focus of the update is on defensive gamers, because our design team is providing different levels of on-site counters for defense. In addition, my team and the Gameplan screen to introduce the social sharing button, so you can  share your achievements in the game in a number of social networks.

Here is the new feature in this updated!

In the live player

Players can now view their recommended games in the field. 3 hours between the game flip, all recommended based on the game situation. You can also skip the full manual view at any time. I believe that this feature can help new players better understand the way the game actually looks. Speaking of the entire script view, you can now contact the recent history. Is there a list of drivers? Now that you can quickly access these plays, you can also avoid playing the playback function to avoid the fear of playing the frequency counter.

Inbox update

In order to help the auction management easier, from the inbox, you can easily click the button to browse each auction house information. Players can press this button to close and immediately ask for every bonus in the auction. Closing all buttons will also clear any posts that you have expired and are not really selling. Other messages in your current Inbox are sorted by category, in addition to the actual auction house, and can be treated as a group.

Defensive game consonant

During the month of January, we added a different number of defense counters to your current Gameplan. We got a good selection of community feedback and made some adjustments based on it.First, we adjusted the kitchen counter, making the second counter more difficult. When we fully understand the numbers, the society is getting worse, so we call. Similar to the advantage of scoring, the league and league will increase the difficulty. We added the difficulty of all the playback type counters and solved the error that the frequency counter did not trigger the main component counter. Based on the feedback on the number of games we are participating in, we are committed to balancing the overall game.

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