We have introduce the top 5 offensive player in Madden NFL 18 on Monday. Today cheapnfl17coins will share the top 5 defensive players to you.When we cover the offensive line, I mention that they are the basis for the success of the attack. This means that the work of the defensive line is to bring this foundation to the field. D-lineemen is critical to stopping the offense because they can slow down the speed of running the game and may prevent throwing quarterback hands. While D-tackles are the main force in pushing the middle.


This is the top 5 defensive players in Madden 18 that want to stop your offensive cold.


1. Ndamukong Suh, Miami Dolphins

When playing Madden, keeping the player out of Suh is usually a good idea. He is basically just a wall. Suh's strength level is 98. This makes him the strongest player in Madden 18. In order to stick to this theme, he got 92 defensive and 95 hits, which is the strongest in D-tackles. Psychological notes: do not run to him.


2. Geno Atkins, Cincinnati Bengals

Atkins is not as strong as Sukh, few people, but he is still strong enough to disturb the drama. His 90 strength is much lower than Suh's ridiculous 98, but Atkins's advantage is that 93 times the power moves over a piece. Another convenient property is 92 playback recognition. So manual control of another player, so AI processing Atkins is not the worst idea.


3. Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles

Cox is a unique talent in the DTD that is related to the Madden rating. There are 89 strong, still good, he is the weakest of the top five DT. However, he and Su's 92 Tackle match, with 80 speed, making him the top team in the fastest DT.


4. Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Into the power of Gerrard McCoy is his 92, so he is one of the stronger people in the group. McCoy is the traditional DT-O line of obstacles, not the attacker, because he is only 69 speed. But if you have someone else to attack the edge, he is a great addition to your list.


5. Damon Harrison, New York Giants

We have to solve this problem - Harrison is very slow. The speed made him the slowest of the top five. But he is one of Madden 18's more reliable DTs. His strength is 93,94 Tackle, 95 conscious and play to identify. He also scored 94 points in Block Shedding. So he made up for his lack of fast tricks to go beyond the O line. That speed may sound good, but keep in mind that O-linemen itself is rarely fast. Harrison's top five are well deserved.


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