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The middle linebackers are usually the main defense. It is this position that usually puts the solution in general on an extraordinary proportion. They will never be too far away from the players, the elite MLB can close an offensive gameplan, and often used to report or attack.


Here let's focus the top 5 middle linebackers in Madden NFL 18:


1. Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers

Kuechly is a stubborn linebacker who may enter the club before the end of the season. He often leading the league, where there is not much to say that his score is not good to say. Kuechly has several categories in the MLB course, including Catch 80, Tackle 98, Pursuit 97, Play Recognition 96 and 87 in the Zone Coverage.


2. Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks

Wagner is the monster of the leading NFL last season. Kuechly almost did not leave him behind in most categories, but a couple separated Wagner. To 88 speed, he is the first five MLB in the fastest, he has 95 of the best hit strength. For a player away from the ball, it is right to be the basis for loading the Seahawks defense.


3. Dont’a Hightower, New England Patriots

With all the attention, some people's name Tom, it's easy to forget, Patters equipped with excellent defensive end of the ball. Hightower is not as fast as it is listed here, but he is the strongest in the top 5, with a strength of 84. He also scored 84 points in the power movement, ranking the best in the MLB. This gave him great potential to break out the former blockers and stop the play before the start.


4. C.J. Mosley, Baltimore Ravens

To be honest, if the crow does not have a good line guard, will feel very strange. Their identity is only deep-rooted. Outside of power, Mosley performed well in terms of rating. He has enough coverage in men and regions, although he can not be at the top of the MLB class, but he is still a dangerous defender.


5. NaVorro Bowman, San Francisco 49ers

With 88 OVR, Bowman is one of the highlights of Niners' few Madden ratings. Bowman's area coverage is higher than his number. He is also a strong thugs, there are 93 hits. This combination is a worrying crime, hoping not to turn the ball over.


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