Like the cornerbacks, the task of the security system is to slow the explosion spread attack. Safeties  can be assigned to the players, but most people have some free reading and predict the attack situation. These guys can make in-depth passes possible and give the recipient a nightmare about wild hits.

Now we came to the top five. This is the best security for the Madden NFL 18.


1. Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks

That nightmare? Ninety percent of these nightmares are about Kam. He is good at regional coverage, is the most powerful football database. For Madden, his strength is 82, not the other. Not to mention his great hit force 97. So Madden's gods watched Kam play, and they gave him the best fate of Madden 18.


2. Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs

Let's put Madden's score aside. Eric Berry's story is one of the best things in the NFL. He not only started playing with Hodgkin's lymphoma, but he was a DB in the league. Really very good

In terms of ratings, Berry performed well on the board. He is not good at defeating Kam, but he is very good in Man and Zone, and is a DB, when he has a great potential when the ball, 84 Elusiveness, 81 Ball Carrier Vision, 87 Juke, and 83 The He can create a turnover, so that opponents in a game to pay the price.


3. Earl Thomas III, Seattle Seahawks

The latest news, Seahawks defense is still very good. In the NFL, Thomas is the most important combination of Seattle defense machines. In Madden, he is an excellent defender who is an offensive player who should avoid giving the ball to the people. In terms of rating, he is actually very similar to Berry. Berry has a slight advantage in the movement of the ball carrier, and Thomas has a slight advantage in the area. Is the sea hawk is not very dangerous?


4. Harrison Smith, Minnesota Vikings

Smith is another kind of physical safety, good at covering the area and attacking people. In the elite 5 listed here, Smith's strength and destiny can only be defeated by Kim Dae-jung. Smith's a nice addition is the 82 Catch rating.


5. Eric Weddle, Baltimore Ravens

Wilder is a part of the crow middle school, very strong in Madden. While other teams may attract more attention to their database, the crows have some deep-seated players that make exposed areas covered with difficulties. In fact, the crow is the only one in addition to Seattle, another team, in the top 10 has two security, the other is Tony Jefferson (88 OVR). Weddle has the highest top 5 awareness with 93.


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