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A few seasons back, EA Sports began to ban the injured players in all online H2H games. If you want to move the injured player to the starting point, you have to wait until after the end of the NFL season to enter the Super Bowl. Madden 18 is no different. If you are not able to keep up with all the latest hurdles, professionals list the biggest impact on the wounded list in Madden 18.


These players were seriously missed by the team. Some of the players that make our list are obvious and the other players are not so much. In any case, the damage caused by our players' list has eighteen effects on Madden.


Greg Olsen TE Carolina Panthers

For those who like to play with Carolina, the loss of Greg Olsen is huge. They were one of the most popular teams in Madden 18, and although they were still working, they lost a lot of production when Olsen dropped this season. Panthers attack from a high degree of dynamic to average, they lost all the stars TE.


Alan Robinson WR Jacksonville Jaguar

Jaguar is a very good overall rating of the team, although Blackburnes (QB Blake Bortles) rating is very low, but they have a very talented defense, it is possible to win the game. Jacksonville Jaguar and Bear have the same problem because they need their highest score WR, very bad. Robinson was rated as 87 years old, and those who might like to play with Jarco could use his ability to play while he was attacking. Robinson's injury is undoubtedly a great influence.


Odell Beckham Clown WR New York Giants

Beckham for the purpose of intensive, the New York Giants attack the number one offensive choice. Throughout the season, Beckham played, the New York Giants online H2H game is almost unavailable. In addition to Evan Engram, the Giants attack incredibly exhausted the players. For those who like to roll with the giants, Beckham is a huge loss. In the overall rating of 93 of Beckham is the highest honor of the WR.


Houston, Texas JJ Watt

Another injury that has just happened is that in everyone's mind is fresh, is JJ Watt lost in the season. If you like to play with the Houston Texans, this is a huge blow. The team really came to Watson in the overall score made progress, the attack began. Nevertheless, Watt does not necessarily make the Texas people can not use, but his injury is certainly hurt. Watt is definitely one of the biggest injured players in Madden 18.


Julian Edelman WR New England Patriots

In your mind may not be so fresh injury is the loss of the Victorian New Zealand Patriots defending champion. Edelman's presence on the offensive will make the New England Online H2H game almost unstoppable. They are almost unstoppable, so you can only imagine Edelman's presence will give them what. In any case, Edelman's rating made him a huge loss because he was the only recipient, not Gronk, New England's score of up to 90.


David Johnson Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is one of the more popular teams used in the online H2H game before Johnson's injury with wrist injuries. He gives the Arizona Cardinal user a great advantage because he has the ability to run the ball and turn the ball into a play. Although they still have some weapons to attack, but the absence of David Johnson on the Arizona Cardinals caused a huge impact.


Cameron Meredith WR Chicago Bears

Bears slowly came, there are some talented players, both offensive and defensive have a good overall rating. The Bears may not be the most popular teams in the competitive Madden 18 games, but they have a young offense to build your franchise and have a talented defender. Their problem is that they do not have any receiver, which is Cameron Meredith (Cameron Meredith) damage, for Madden 18 in those rare bear users is harmful .Meredith the overall rating of 83 Points, than the Chicago Bears on the list of any other players on the score a little more.


Kansas City Mayor Eric Berry SS

Although the chief is Madden 18 in the highest scoring team, but Eric Berry's injury still has a great impact on the team. Imagine the Kansas City team and Eric Berry's defense. Berry's overall score of 97 is the second highest of any player who plays the list, and his injury must have broken a hole in the chiefs. For those who like to play with the chiefs, the loss of Eric Berry at the beginning of the season, the impact on Madden 18 is very large, regardless of their overall evaluation of how.


Aaron Rodgers QB Green Bay Packers

Obviously, Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) damage on the Madden 18th caused the greatest impact. Online H2H community, which is a devastating injury, because Aaron Rodgers' packers are essentially useless. Backup QB, Brett Hundley, will not be 71 points overall score for you to complete this work. This is a shame because the packer is one of the deepest teams in the age of 18 at WR.


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