News.The Deepest Corner Of The Team In Madden 18

Madden 18 season is in full swing. If you want to be a great Madden player, then you have to have a thorough understanding of the lineup and depth map. To help us, we put our team's list on the back of the Madden 18 corner.


Each team's list has some advantages and disadvantages, the team in some positions more in line with other teams. Knowing this is one of the keys to Madden 18 success. Today, we broke one of the most important roles in this field: corner or defensive lineup.


Ideally, the CB team has three players, the overall rating is good.


Atlanta Falcons


Falcons do not necessarily know there are good corners, but their corners are very good at Madden 18 score. If you take our advice and move Jolin Collins on the depth map, the depth of the four CBs on the depth score is 77 overall and higher. Falcon CB is also very young, making it an ideal choice for team building in CFM.


Desmond Trufant 89 overall

Brian Poole 80 overall

Jalen Collins 79 overall

Robert Alford 77 overall


New York Giants


Giant may not have the best season, the injury is affecting the team's Madden 18 score and online popularity. However, the giant's strength is their CB group. There is no doubt that the Giants are one of the deepest teams in the CB team.


Janoris “Jack Rabbit” Jenkins 89 overall

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 85 overall

Eli Apple 75 overall

Ross Cockrell 76 overall


Jacksonville Jaguar


This season's Jags defense is ruthless. Their second place is very impressive, mainly because of their season increase in AJ Bouye, which is the highest rating of the Houston Texans. Jaguar Middle School is also very young, which makes them an attractive team when you start your CFM.


Jalen Ramsey 90 overall

AJ Bouye 87 overall

Aaron Colvin 75 overall


Denver Broncos


The Denver defense is the best in the 90 overall rating, and they have two closed corners that make them almost impossible in Madden 18. Mustang two starting CB is the highest score in the corner of the game. The Danish Mustang team is probably the deepest team, thanks Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr.


Aqib Talib 94 overall

Chris Harris Jr 93 overall

Bradley Roby 78 overall


Of course there are other teams worthy of our Madden 18 in the corner of our team's list of the most prominent. We must highly evaluate Brown Brown's CB. Their corner is the best player in the team. At Jason McCourty at the age of 89, Briean Boddy-Calhoun is 80 years old, Jamar Taylor at 76, Browns CB team is quite powerful.


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