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Last week, we cheapnfl17coins have introduce the tip of offence when playing Madden 17 online. So today we are prepare to share the defense skills on how to play online to improve the game play. Here let's have a look at the details the followings!

Playing defense is my mind to become the main players online key, regardless of how the game mode. There are some things that really can help you achieve this level. The first thing you should do is learn how users control players who are not on the defensive line, and there are several reasons.

The first is that if you control your defensive end, for example, the rest of the defense, meaning that every person in the coverage area is being controlled by the CPU, which means that there is no difference from the way the attack is made. This makes it easier to separate your defense and is relatively easy to keep it away from you.

The second is to control those who are within the scope of the insurance, you can take the initiative to take one or more choices, the best way to do so is to use as much as possible people. I am inclined to use MLB or OLB, because they are usually responsible for the area in the middle of the field, such as the Hook Curl Zone, depending on the coverage (I almost fully play the area coverage).

Cover 3 area

By controlling these players, I can easily take the midfield. If you pass, if you realize that the opposition is running the game, you can throw them in, and then through the interception or by breaking up to use the capital, and if you control a person away from the venue, you are not a lot of drama, because You are only responsible for a small area.

Third, if you control MLB or OLB, you can have more impact on the running game, because you can control the gap you protect, and can better adapt to the running time of the switch and direction changes.

In addition to the person you should try to control, you should try and accustomed to not always choose the "play ball" function when the opponent throws the ball. When your opponent goes to the ball in front of you, there is nothing more than your player to play the ball. You should learn when to use "Swat" and "Play Receiver", they will save you a lot of frustration, and to prevent a lot of drama.

My last hint is never going to hit the stick, but it is tempting. Yes, playing baseball is the most satisfying, have the greatest chance of causing trouble, but they may be unreliable and also lead to a lot of missed tackles. A conservative attack or "A" attack can be a game protection program when I do this attack is my most important thing when i go. If it is the key one-third or one-fourth, you have to get to stop and go to a conservative solution. It gives you the best chance to keep the ball on their side.

Did you find these tips helpful, or are you more successful? Let's know in the comments below! To look out more Madden NFL news and guide please follow the  with more cheapest nfl coins online selling . In addition, we are also a professional Madden NFL online store.

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