News.The New Cover Star of 'Madden NFL 18' - Tom Brady, Will He Break the " Madden Curse"?

The cover star of Madden NFL 18 has came out, as a reasonable Madden NFL online seller cheapNFL17coins now share the details about this news.

Here's Tom Brady : Madden cover boy.

The New England Patriots quarterback is going to be featured on the handle of Madden NFL 18, EA Sports announced Friday morning. It's a first with the five-time Super Bowl success, who follows in the particular footsteps of teammate Rob Gronkowski, the man on the cover of last year's edition with the venerable gaming franchise. This marks the very first time in Madden's nearly 30-year history that teammates are actually on the cover with back-to-back years.


It's surprising Brady we had not previously garnered cover status given his numerous accomplishments since entering this league in 2000. Brady, who turns 40 inside August, is the oldest man to grace the deal with since John Madden himself was smiling maniacally with the cameras from 1988 by way of 2000.

But Madden, like the rest folks, can no longer avoid an elementary societal truth: Tom Brady has everthing. And what he does not have should be immediately turned onto him for fear of consequence.


There's an alternate universe the place that the Atlanta Falcons don't blow a 28-3 third-quarter lead in the Super Bowl and Matt Ryan or simply Julio Jones are around the cover of this online game. It's one more indignity intended for Falcons fans to course of action during what we imagine continues to be a very difficult moment. Ludacris is not getting out of bed today when he hears about it.

Nearly 20 years in the iconic franchise's history, there's no escaping this “Madden Curse. ” Since Garrison Hearst broke his ankle in 1998, shortly after starring about the cover of Madden NFL 99, most of the players who “starred” on the game's cover have suffered an accident the following season. Of the 20 players who've been selected to grace the actual cover Madden games before this season, 17 have had scary or abruptly shortened seasons following their cover debut - including several who suffered season-ending injuries shortly after their game hit shelving. The legend has grown coming from a simple joke to the type of superstition that features fans aggressively campaigning to keep their teams' stars over game's cover.


The spectre of the Madden Curse has grown to be so widely recognized, in fact, that the gambling earth has begun posting odds each year regarding the likelihood that the modern Madden NFL cover athlete will be injured during the period. Back in 2010, Madden NFL developer EA Tiburon even confirmed plans to develop a movie using the notion of the Madden Curse.


EA Sports continues to help dismiss any serious talk of any “curse” hovering over it is wildly successful franchise, and attributed the rash of injuries along with negative, post-cover issues to a athlete's natural regression from season of peak functionality. And they're probably right. Still, the long history of ill-fated athletes which have adorned each edition with the game certainly offers the intriguing string of coincidences in order to ponder.

Last year, Tom Brady whooped on Father Time the method Ralphie destroyed Scott Farkus inside a Christmas Story. Maybe Brady's greatest accomplishment will happen this year, when he wins the sixth Super Bowl diamond ring and debunks the "Madden Curse" for good.


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