News.The Result About First Weekend of 2017 Madden NFL Championship

Last Saturday morning, 16 of the crazy NFL 17 best competitors divided into four separate round robin, each group of the top two game enthusiasts to enter the final in the May 12 to 15. We now know the eight competitors in our final sixteen competitors, compete the ultimate championship, and their share of the $ 500,000 prize in the Madden NFL Tournament in 2017. This is the result of the first weekend.

Group A: Serious Oath(Boldface indicates the progress of the final), Skimbo, Canes, Killer Mike

This combination is expected to be the top four, because Zack "Serious Moe" Lane returned to this level. After a short month in his father's past, Herb Lane, Serious Moe went into Burbank to play more than just a bonus. After hard to help Michael "Skimbo" Skimbo, Serious Moe experienced hard work, got two timely ridicule, Michael "killer Mike" Clark have advance  along with Skimbo.

Group B: Noble Jokes, Young Kiv, DJones, GOSMadden

Maybe Raidel "Noble Jokes" Brito and Seamus "Young Keefer" Kivlen regulate their emotions? From the beginning, this vague problem solved when the young Kiv absolutely fell off his or her known opponent, Derek "DJones" Jones, scoring 45-0. This man is personal for the young Keefer, because when DJones won a heated race, he cleared the cold handshake in the Madden Basic this season. Noble jokes are no jokes and have a strong 3-0 performance, which includes a success from OT.

Group C: Beastmode Mac, I'm Strafin, Litezout, SDELLO

This group is a success for your third year in 2016 Madden Tournament , Pete "Litezout" Calefato is a sad person. Three players in this group 2-1, with Salvatore "SDello" Liciardello shelves 0-3. With this triple tie, it comes down to the difference, while the 2017 Madden Challenge winner Matt "Beastmode Mac" Clark and Ryan "Strafin" Danczak advanced. Spread the story was obtained by a tough game for Litezout in the game next to Beastmode Mac, and the Beastmode Mac got an extra goal, beyond his or her two-point win.

Group D: Problem, Lil Man, Drag, Schemin

Eric " Problem " Wright is a major activity when he does not get the 2017 Madden Challenge live final when his absence is obvious. But the time to break up so that he was very good, he in the 2017 Madden Championship live finals starting a new low of the median attack. The problem went to 3-0, while the singles slit and heavily relied on Seattle Seahawks' work C. J Prosise took him away. And Justin "Lil Man" Barone, one of his own familiar faces. Learman went to 2-1, the only failure is to oppose the problem.

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