News.The Tips for Newbie about Madden NFL 17

As we all know, Madden NFL is now very popular among young people, of course, I am one of them, and now I will really share some of the novice game experience to help them in the game to become a good player.

First of all, you have to play according to your game line-up. You have to know that each line-up in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses, before you start the game, you have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two lines, and according to them to win the game. One things you should be noted is that each team in the game is different, you need to spend a little time to pay attention to this point, and make the appropriate strategy.

Second, pay attention to the distribution of the Zone Assignments. Game developers have made improvements to AI in the Zone Assignments. So if you choose to become a player in the Zone, to understand the task first of all. But keep in mind that to avoid the situation from the user-controlled too far, some players will be too far away from the user-controlled and dramatic effect, I believe this is not the result you want.

Then, Vary Your Special Moves. Each ball carrier moves with an enhanced level that can be triggered by keeping the trigger / return button on the controller. Use the RT / R2 button to increase speed movement while changing the LT / L2 to better use power to move. According to the situation and the ball carrier mixed action.

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