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If you like to play Madden 18 CFM, then you have been looking for the next batch of potential young players. That could be tough. It may be painful to sort through all the depth charts, ratings and player details cards. Do not worry, Madden's friends. The pros at have you covered. Today, we brought you the first five young passers, built at Madden NFL18.


TJ Watts ROLB Pittsburgh Steelers

Overall: 76

Age: 22

TJ Watt is JJ Watt's brother, so some of you can give him a separate shot. Watt is a very good option by impact, but. He has all the people you are looking for, to change the impact of the game. Watt 83 times the speed and 84 agility gave him fast speed, defeated the offensive means, and chased mobile QB. He also with a swimming feature, Niubi impulse characteristics, high power characteristics.


Leonard Floyd LOLB Chicago Bears

Overall: 77

Age: 24

Leonard Floyd has everything he is looking for in a franchise impact, including an amazing 86 speed, 86 agility and 88 acceleration. Freud's strength rating is clearly his greatest weakness 71, but this is only his only drawback. He adds a lot of numbers to each of the important passing categories plus swimming, cowboy movement and rotation features. Freud also has a high horsepower and a fringe ball that will give you the potential to get a few small bags when you are with his QB.


Tyus Bowser LOLB Baltimore Ravens

Overall: 71

Age: 22

Tyus Bowser has some very favorable ratings through shocks, including 84 speed and 89 acceleration, which is an incredible by the impact of line guard. Bowser has the potential to become a great franchise to give him the impact of swimming and Bull Rush mobility. He can use a little bit in the game recognition and awareness department, he can only be in 63, but can be improved fairly quickly.


Emmanuel Ogbah LE Cleveland Brown

Overall: 74

Age: 23

Emmanuel Ogbah has everything needed to build a great passer shocker. Ogbah has 85 speed, 77 power, 80 agility, 83 power and 81 attack power, for you to lay a solid foundation. Because he is only 72 years old, he can use a higher fine action score, but his higher number, more and more dangerous. Ogbah also has a Bull Rush Move to help you get into QB, and a Strips Ball Trait gives you a big change to the dramatic shots.


Jordan Willis RE Bangladesh

Overall: 76

Age: 22

Jordan Willis is one of the fastest defensive endpoints in Madden 18, with a speed of 87 speed and 89 acceleration. His 85 strength grade and 81 agility levels fit his swim and cowboy mobile features. Willis's only drawback is that his low-end technical indicators for the 67, but with your franchise to promote, can definitely improve. Willis gives you a passer who can build on the Bengal defense line.


These are just a few of our top five young pass rushers  to built in Madden 18. See what we might have missed? Of course, there are some names called Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas and Joey Bosa. And the Madden NFL 18 coins can help players build strong line-up and get wins among players competition. If you want get strongger and save more time in game. We recommend you visit us to buy Madden NFL 18 coins!

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