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NFL season close to us. Thanks to the Madden NFL 18's new story mode - Longshot. Have you make preparation for it?
But before we arrive at Madden 18, let's take a little more to expand our focus and have a broader understanding of the series. Where is Madden NFL standing now? where is it? Let's take a look at it.


What Madden NFL doing well?


Madden is often criticized by sports fans, but this series has been a long time since the lowest point in Xbox 360 - this time is very bad, at least one person associated with the studio has called it "lost generation " But Madden's progress should not be discounted. Defense is now clearer The passing game is more detailed, the offense line is better concerned about their mission. It is still one of the few sports games, and wholeheartedly support the online franchise model; and the whole career mode is a bit confusing, it is interesting to draw and develop young studs through multiple super bowls. Over the past few years, Madden has emerged from the worst sports simulator in the market, arguably the best sporting game for EA stability. It continues to have one of the deepest and best supported ultimate team models that regularly bring free solo content. It also lacks some of the outstanding shortcomings of competitors like the NBA 2K, even if it is not as ambitious as its peers. Just say that this series has gone a long, long way.


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The Struggles of Madden NFL

 Eventually there will be a year when Madden tries to make regional coverage and staff coverage right. Madden also has the problem of renewing fatigue. After multiple patches, the balance of the game may be worse than when it was released. The game is slightly balanced, but the running game feels uncomfortable. At different points, Madden also used a large area of lightning fighting, even in the skateboard protection and other skills with the help of it is impossible to stop. In addition to these undisputed esoteric issues, my biggest problem now is that the owner model still exists. Unfortunately, it looks the same in Madden 18. As usual, Madden will continue to move forward and improve. It still has a lot of criticism, but it has been around for a while because it is a big step backwards. In my opinion, this is Madden's biggest progress in the decade.


The prospect of Madden NFL


This year's bold addition is Longshot, a storytelling story like Telltale, which explains the way a player goes to the NFL draft, whose main goal is to attract players who are alienated by Madden's complex mechanisms. Longshot is interesting because it avoids the usual "play games, practice, look at the scene" format for NBA 2K and FIFA. In fact, it does not include singles like NFL football, but will focus on wearing mini games and strange high school football game seamless storytelling. Another big addition to Madden 18 is the Frost Engine. FIFA's transition proved full of input delays and other issues, and Tiburon would have to be careful to avoid similar problems. Madden also has some of the most complex players to interact with any sports game, which could be tricky. The integrated bag is MUT Squads, which turns Madden's most popular model into a cooperative game. Based on the progress made by the previous generation online team game model, the MUT team split the duties of the offensive and defensive player, as well as the various positions between the three players. MUT lace is compared with the location player, each player's top card is used to fill the team. Plus the addition of Frostbite, Longshot, MUT Squads and the weekend league, the smaller but not inferior, the Madden 18 figure is a very big package. These bold, extensive increases also make it more risky than in the past few years because they have changed these series through the most recent changes in the latest version.

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