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Madden NFL 18 has a lot of new features. Longshot brings a new story of Madden, which has never been seen, and the franchise is now driven by the Frostbite game engine to elevate visual effects to new heights. Except the Longshot, there also have other new features in the game. Play your way you like and make enough Madden NFL 18 coins for it.


In order to provide a variety of gamers with a more immersive experience, Madden 18 has three new game styles: arcade, simulation and competition.



The arcade is the high octane version of Madden. This game style offers a fast-paced, exciting game style, high scores and spectacular capture is routine, the penalty is very limited. User-controlled players are "bosses" and will be the most powerful players on the site. This mode is the perfect choice for gamers trying to get into a fast, casual and vibrant game.


Simulation is the real NFL experience. This is the game style of the player and team rating and NFL rules of the realism. This game style includes all supported penalties, injuries and other random results you see every Sunday. The players on your roster and the plans you use are critical to the success of the simulation. This is the player's football game mode and wants to play this form of the game. The simulation is the default style of the franchise model.


The competition is about head-to-head matches and tournaments. This is the user's stick skill is king, some results will be based on the game situation and rating threshold for heavyweight. Penalties are limited, no injuries, random results are rare. The implementation of the game mechanism, the production of correct reading provides the success of playing athletics. By default, the EA game game event and ranking online game mode will be set to this style. Ready for some rubbish talk, because this is where Madden is hardcore.


Game style decomposition


* User-controlled by the shocker often beat its block

*User Hit Sticks and Strip-Ball try will be very successful

* Spectacular capture frequently, especially for elite players

*Broken pulleys and ball carrier fakes are common

* The user has a lower chance of throwing interception

* You can play longer course goals and have more chances to defend when playing.


* Expected surprises - even highly acclaimed players sometimes have a chance to fail

* The incidence of injuries and penalties is comparable to real-world NFL statistics and data

* Compared to the elite level, the success rate of players with elite ratings is much higher

* New delivery inaccurate systems allow for lower levels of quarterback to be more realistic

* Fatigue and physical effects have a greater impact on the game.


* Interception with a broadly open defensive player with a good grip level can significantly reduce player's shooting opportunities

*Throwing from a clean pocket using a QB's foot can reduce inaccurate passing opportunities as long as they have a good pass rating according to the throwing type and do not use any of the approved machines

* When the receiver is considered to be open and has a good proximity level, there is a noticeable drop in grip

* Many people capture the effect of offensive victory opportunities, such as throwing to the recipient of the coverage

* Only AI players with great strikers can hit.



You can easily see the style of the game you play in any mode. It will be displayed on the scoreboard in the upper left corner of the screen during the game.

In addition, each game style can be played at every difficulty level (rookie, professional, all-around, all-Madden), in order to Madden with the way you want to interact, thus adding another level.

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