News.What's the new features and mechanics of Madden 18?

Hi, Madden fans! What's the new features and mechanics of Madden 18?
Today, cheapnfl17coins will introduce the details of it!
If you just quit Virtual Retirement, PS2 and the original Xbox era, because there is a big change, so when we review some basic knowledge, pay attention, and then to the new features later this year.

Now, have a look at the features of Madden 17.
Last year, Madden 17 launched a simpler way to stop running and passing as a playing pool. Instead of choosing a specific game, the player can let you predict what game your opponent will play (for example, either through or inside) and automatically queues the defense.
In last year's franchise model, Madden 17 launched a new "big moment", shaping your players and the team's future. If he was slightly injured, decided to keep the quarterback if he was injured for the second time and could spend your season. Changing the rookie may mean a difference between the loss of the competitor and the other points in the profit bar.
But it was all last year.

What's new in Madden 18?
This year's supplement is the Frostbite physics and vision engine that will power the next generation of Madden's experience. We've seen it in other EA movies, but that's the first time you've seen it at Madden franchise. Still playing Live! Mode that lets you reproduce this week's best real-world NFL game.

According to EA, there will be a new game mode. We have not heard too much, but this should be a change in the traditional franchise / player creation model, bringing the unknown players you create to the top of the league.
Game, a new feature called "Target Pass" will provide you with better pass control, allowing you to throw the ball in the exact location on the floor. If the traditional phone is too difficult, Madden 18 will launch three new game styles: arcade, simulation and competition. The following is a description of each:

Arcade: full of passion full of drama, limited score.
Simulation: Use the correct NFL rules and gameplay player and team rating.
Competitiveness: Your skills are key, get a lot of reward for your skills, or get more punishments.
The overlay feature is also a new feature that helps you keep track of recipients who are protected when you are in defense.
You can also expect the return of Madden Ultimate Team and franchise models in Madden 18.
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